Tomorrow’s going to involve a lot of typing.

Today I knocked out three recipes from “_How to Cook Everything_”:, so I’ll be typing quite a bit tomorrow. I’m going to put two of the three in one post, I think, because I didn’t taste one separate from the others.

What do you all think? Should everything be it’s own post, or should everything go together or some of each?… Continue reading →

Please pardon our pause!

Bill and I are in the middle of a move between apartments, and still haven’t found the cookbooks. We will be posting again very soon!

There’s about 6 recipes in the queue (not counting today’s tweet from Rick Bayless that I hope to try this week). After that, the sky is the limit!

Also, a friend threatened to give us cookbooks. She is wonderful and sadistic. Which, really, is part of why we love her.

In random other news, Bill and I have chosen not to bring the evil toaster with us. We’re looking for good toaster oven recommendations. We’d like something with pretty good capacity, at a minimum. We’re not horribly concerned about counter space. Do you have any?

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Pics or it didn’t happen!

What good is a food-themed blog without pictures? Heck, what good is just about any blog without pictures?

We know, and there are actually photos coming for the griddle cakes, and the lemon-butter sauce. However, we’re still figuring out how to make this software go (and how to work our cameras), so it’s a little touch and go at the moment. Soon there will be photos with each entry, though.

Now I have to go back to debating a salmon dish or a soup for dinner. Any votes, oh internet who hasn’t found us yet?… Continue reading →

Hello, world!

We’re officially calling the site started now. There’s a bit of content as you’ll see below. To get started, you might want to read the “About” and “Rules” pages to the right to see what we’re doing here. You’ll see some changes in the style over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading! We hope that it will be an interesting time.… Continue reading →

The Rules (as it were)

Since we’re buying no new cookbooks as of 1 June 2010, there have to be some ground rules on how this is going to work. Most rules are up for discussion, because they’re all sub-points of the one major rule: No new cookbooks until we’ve cooked at least 25% of the recipes from the cookbooks we already own (exception: certain huge books we’re aiming for 10%. I’m looking at you, Bittman). With that in mind, here’s what we’ve got at the start of the blog.

# Online recipes are welcome to be posted but do not count as cookbooks. If we attempted to cook half the recipes on the internet, we’d be in for several worlds of hurt.
# We are not canceling subscriptions to cooking magazines we already have, but we will not subscribe to something new.… Continue reading →