Two new recipe categories

Here at MetaCookbook, like many places around the web, we both tag our entries & put them into overarching categories. Today I made up two new categories, and changed the name of a third.

First, the name change. “Recipes” is now “Challenge Recipes”. As we said in the “About”: this blog came about because we are challenging ourselves to use our cookbooks. Most recipes we post/discuss will end up here.

Occasionally, I get brave and make something all on my own. Bill does this rather more often than I do, but posts rather less often. If one of us makes & posts something from our own heads, “like my asparagus-mushroom risotto,”: we’ll park it here. There are some of these recipes currently residing in “Challenge Recipes” at the time of this writing, but I expect to have them moved by the end of the weekend.… Continue reading →

A comment on numbers.

Occasionally one of us will mention how many recipes we have left to make or how many recipes we’ve made to date. Oddly, both numbers are a bit more fluid than you might expect.

Mostly, that second category is pretty solid. The main thing that keeps it from being a set number, so far, is the two How to Cook Everything books we own. There are several recipes that are duplicated across the books, and we don’t always know we’re making one that’s in both books (such as “Everyday Pancakes”:,-was-it-a-new-recipe-or-not.html) Due to that, I “made a decision.”: As we find recipes that are in both books, we make a note of it. If we’ve already made the recipe once before, our count completed increments by one.… Continue reading →


Guys! I can’t find the card reader to post photos! ARGH!

I’ll keep looking for it, but it means photos probably won’t go up today. I apologize for that. It seems that when we cleaned up for Thanksgiving we cleaned up a little too well.

We have company in about an hour and a half or so. If we don’t find it by then, the search will have to be postponed until tomorrow.

Thanks all! I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend.… Continue reading →

Wondering what was coming?

Well, if you wander over to “recipe #67”: you’ll find out!

Slowly, but surely, more of that to come. I can’t promise, but I’m going to try from here on out to do that with each & every new recipe post.… Continue reading →

Small changes coming!

Hey everyone!

I don’t have a recipe post for you today, and for that I apologize. My home network has been giving me fits to try and work on moving and uploading files.

I’ll be back tomorrow with something interesting for you, I promise. Until then, check out the “Upcoming Recipes” list to your right and shout out what you want to read about most.

–Natasha… Continue reading →