Food While Traveling

Almost two years ago, I made a goal of cooking in more while traveling.

A square bowl full of Greek-style yogurt, frozen wild blueberries, granola, and honey. Also full of NOMNOMNOM.

This morning, I ate this!

As I mention in the linked post, Bill and I figured out pretty quickly that we’re both fairly happy with several breakfasts in a row of just yogurt, fruit, and granola. It’s fast, simple, and tasty. We almost always, at this point, stop at a grocery store and get enough for at least two breakfasts “at home.” We could do more, and I think we both want to do more, but there’s always more folks who want to go out and places we want to try. So, we want to do more, but we also want to keep it as it is. Always a conflict, I suppose.… Continue reading →


I just found a CF card from almost a year ago. A lot of the photos on it are from a Hop Farm tour I took in early August last year. It was so much fun, but I never did manage to write a post about it. Now I’m in southwest Washington State and vaguely contemplating the post again. Why? Because far away in Washington state there’s a hop museum. I live in Chicago, so even a drive of two or more hours feels practically next door. Of course, one just opened recently in Wisconsin, so you’d think I could just go there. But, really, I don’t see why I can’t do BOTH1. Then write you guys a post. In late July.

Part of hop cone from Michigan.

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SNAC! (Station North Art Cafe)

Art in the entryway.

We found this gem via Yelp! For all the hatred Yelp! gets, much of it quite deserved, it generally serves us well when we’re lost in the wilds of another town and hungry.

Here’s what happened:

I needed waffles. We were staying in a part of Baltimore neither of us knows and I NEEDED waffles. So, we searched what we call “the Yelp machine” for waffles. And this place showed up. Lot of good reviews, several mentioning waffles…

Cornbread. Waffle.

The winningest breakfast food, I think.

Well, didn’t have to tell us twice! It took us a bit longer than we’d have wanted to get there, but when we got there, we found the best place. Art. Friendly customers. Incredibly friendly owners.… Continue reading →

What I’ve Been Doing in D.C. and Baltimore

It’s been a pretty fantastic trip, and it’s not over yet. There’s still several days left in it, and I have so much to tell you all! But I’m also in the middle of the trip and doing laundry and generally having crazy times, so for now, let’s let the photos tell the stories.

I saw Spinosaurous! A fantastically interesting story of an enormous, predatory dino!

I went to a birthday party. I took my shoes off as I entered. The next morning, I located them again. Covered in blue icing. Fun, clearly, was had.

I found two new teashops near our usual hotel; this one had tea for drinking inside. A very mild, delightful Dragon Well green tea.

I tried my first green smoothie, and it didn’t suck.

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Dog Booties.

I’d planned to write a post on Monday, to go up Tuesday. I have a few things in the pipeline. Some pumpkin beer bread. Some chili. Some thoughts on “teaffee”.

This drink mix… I have thoughts. Namely, “Why DID we buy it, again?”

Instead, I spent Monday flipped out, frantic, desperately hoping my dogs wouldn’t be the center of a urine and fecal explosion roughly the size of my bedroom. It was a no good, horrible, terrible, very bad day.

They didn’t, thankfully, leave a trail of waste hither and fro. And then I, the next day, contemplated writing a post about that, but by then I had to work and then had to run around taking care of things like getting my hairs dyed for this wedding we had to attend (it’s in under 3 h)…

Anyway, my point is that blogging slipped a little, but I haven’t forgotten it.… Continue reading →