Mead? Maybe Tonight.

Today’s post was going to be a science post. An interview with my friend Jen, who works as in a medical lab, as she tells me it’s National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. Also, her job is interesting.

I was probably also going to mention Beer1Up, which is my current focus and obsession.

But, frankly, given that our friend Jason passed away last night (not unexpected), instead I’d just like to ask that everyone head on over to this post from about a month ago and read about what a great guy Jason was and how fabulous his wife, Heather, is.

Tomorrow we can talk about beer and blood banks. Thank you all.… Continue reading →

We’re Moving in Two Weeks.

Holy cow. As of this morning, our move date is set, and it’s two weeks from now! How exciting. I’m looking forward to my new place. The pantry’s big enough for food AND my vast beer collection.

Now comes the packing and the getting rid of stuff and the decisions about all of that. What it means for this blog is that I won’t be neglecting you guys entirely, but posts will slow down a bit from normal, and may tend more toward the “link round up” style posts.

HOWEVER! Please do keep your eyes on this blog! I may have pretty big, good news here in the next week, and you guys will be the first to know about it. HINT: If you like beer, are in Chicago, and not traveling to Munster, IN that day, please keep April 27th open until further notice.… Continue reading →

Maybe Mead, Maybe Tomorrow

There’s a bottle of mystery homebrew in the fridge that I’m not sure we’ll ever open. We may haul it from place to place always letting it take up a bottle’s worth of room in our chronically over-stuffed fridge.

Or maybe we’ll open it tomorrow, and toast its makers.

Or maybe we’ll open it the day we get the news.

I can’t say.

This bottle is from our wedding. A last minute gift from our very good friends Jason and Heather. They didn’t gift it to us to be squirreled away in our fridge, but to be consumed by our guests at the wedding. It had been squirreled away because I wanted to try it, and I knew I wouldn’t have a chance at the wedding.… Continue reading →